The mission of the Cruising Club of America is to promote cruising and racing by amateurs, to encourage the development of suitable types of cruising craft, to stimulate interest in seamanship, navigation and handling of small vessels, and to gather and keep on file all information which may be of assistance to members in cruising.

The activities of the Club have evolved over time, but always adhere to a firm and carefully defined set of core principles:

  1. Adherence to rigorous membership qualifications stressing cruising and offshore command.
  2. Promotion of safe and seaworthy vessels.
  3. Encouragement of good seamanship and safety at sea.
  4. Promotion of offshore cruising by amateurs.
  5. Remaining an all-volunteer organization.

Throughout this web site, you will find information that demonstrates how the Cruising Club of America pursues its mission. We encourage you to explore this material, apply it to your own cruising adventures, and share it with others who might benefit in their own pursuits of adventure at sea.