The Cruising Club of America Annual Awards

Soon after the founding of the Cruising Club of America, on the advice of Charter Member Henry Wise Wood in his 1923 Report on the Committee on Plan and Scope, the Club decided that it would be fitting to record and reward examples of meritorious seamanship and adventure upon the sea, displayed by amateur sailors of all nationalities, that might otherwise go unrecognized.

This recommendation triggered the founding of the CCA's prestigious Blue Water Medal.

In the years since, the Cruising Club of America has created a variety of awards for members and non-members alike. These awards recognize and celebrate seamanship, adventure, service, accomplishments, performance and statesmanship.

The breadth and depth of experience, accomplishment, and contribution to sailing and seamanship represented by the lengthy list of award recipients is exceptional. The Cruising Club of America is proud of the personal and collective record of achievement these awards describe.

Awards are presented each year at the Club's Annual Dinner in New York.