Cruising Guides With CCA Ties

As CCA members have ventured to remote places, they have collected a substantial body of knowledge worth sharing.

  • Canadian Maritimes Cruising Guides
    For the Canadian Maritimes, there are four volumes that have been developed and regularly updated from over 55 years of cruising in these impressive regions. These are excellent resources in the best tradition of "User-Contributor" cruising guides. Now published by CCA member Sandy Weld, these volumes were originally developed in the 1950's and have been continually updated by CCA members and others  ever since.
  • Norwegian Cruising Guide
    The original and most complete English language guide for mariners to the coasts of Norway, Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Bjornoya (Bear Island) and the southwest coast of Sweden. This e-book by CCA member John Harries and Phillis Nickel is available for download on-line.
  • Guide to Cruising European Waters
    The Guide to Cruising European Waters takes a different approach, addressing practical and technical aspects to those heading for Europe. Different from a traditional cruising guide, this document by CCA member Walt Paul, dated 2006, remains tremendously helpful, especially to those who might be new to European cruising.
  • Not to mention the Club webpage featuring it's many individual cruise guides ( These are dated for the particular year the cruise took place, but remain valuable resources for information on many of the world's popular cruise destinations.