If you are having difficulty with the site, some of the information below may be of assistance.  Please feel free to contact the webmaster for further help.

Logging In 

    • You may log in at any page from the login link at the upper right corner.  
    • You may use either your CCA-registered email address or your username.
    • "Cookies" must be enabled on your device for a log in to work.  Once logged in, you will have access on the CCA and all station sites.  Be sure to log out if using a guest or public computer, as the login lasts about two weeks from last use.
    • You may also use this link to log in.
    • Forgot your password?  Or never got one?  No problem.  The login page offers a "Request New Password" link.  This will send a code to your email address that you can use to log in, and set yourself a new (and more memorable) password.
    • If all else fails, contact the webmaster for further help.

Station Sites

  • Each CCA station has its own website, based on a common template and sharing roster and certain other information.  The navigation of each should be generally similar, with pages grouped by subject matter: Events, People, and, if provided, Resources and other information.  Personal and private information is only available to logged-in site users.

Updating Roster Information

  • The CCA Roster is maintained by the Club Secretary.  It's updated to the CCA website which, in turn, updates the Station sites.  Updates are submitted here, at the CCA site.

Adding Events or Articles

  • Events may be set on the station site by any of a number of individuals with account credentials.  Usually this includes the Rear Commodore, Secretary, and Webmaster, as well as some Program Chairs.  These individuals will have access to further instructions, including how to set up an event to take online reservations or payments.
  • Here is a helpful video: