Sailing Resources

Offshore Communications Memorandums
Walt Paul is continually updating and adding to his exceptional set of memorandums on offshore communications. Most recent publications are the Sea Area Designations summary and the updated Voice Over IP memorandum.


Canadian FlagTravelling to Canadian Waters?
This is a useful website from the Canadian government for recreational boaters in Canadian waters.


Cruising Guides
CCA members Sandy Weld and Walt Paul have developed cruising guides for the Canadian Maritimes and Europe, respectively. These guides are available to the cruising public, thus this link will take you back to the public CCA site.

CCA Cruise Books
Tremendous effort goes into producing books for CCA National and Station cruises. These publications are full of helpful cruising information. In order to maximize the use of these books, we are posting them here as resources to those who might be cruising in areas previously explored by a CCA cruise. We caution you that the information in these books is NOT updated, and may not be current. With this caveat in hand, we hope you enjoy these publications, and we thank those who devoted so much time and energy to compiling the material. Note that these are all PDF files, and some are quite large and may take some time to download.

Abacos Cruise 2010 (Club-wide Cruise, 48 pages)
Norway/Sognefjord 2008 (Club-wide Cruise, 63 pages)
Antigua 2008 (Club-wide Cruise, 18 pages)
Turkey 2007 (Club-wide cruise, 13 pages)
Turkey 2007 Background Reading (info on Turkey, 54 pages)
Pacific North West "Two Nations Cruise" 2006 (Club-wide Cruise, 76 pages)
Coast of Maine Cruise 2006 (BOS Station Cruise, 45 pages)
Baja - Sea of Cortez 2006 (Club-wide Cruise, 38 pages)
Buzzards Bay Cruise 2005 (Club-wide Cruise, 41 pages)
Grenadines Cruise 2004 (National Cruise, 44 pages)

Cruise Planning Guide
Don't even think about planning a CCA Cruise without consulting this valuable resource for cruise chairs and volunteers. It represents decades of experience in creating successful member cruises, and is updated regularly.

Maine Cruise (2013) - Lessons Learned

Abaco Cruise - Lessons Learned
This link will download a large PDF file - 4MB and 173 pages.

Other Useful Links
See this page for other useful links on the internet.