Safety for the Race Return

Why We Publish This Page:

This page is designed to give information to boats who have raced to Bermuda and are to be delivered back after the race.  The page contains several articles highlighting what boats should be preparing for, both in terms of boat preparation, and in terms of crew preparation. 
Skippers and crews on the delivery should consult the articles listed on this page.

Although the Cruising Club of America is one of the two clubs comprising the Organizing Authority for the Newport to Bermuda Race, the OA’s responsibility ceases before boats return to the mainland.  This page is designed by the Safety-at-Sea arm of the CCA as a courtesy guide to aid skippers and crew to help plan and safely execute the return trip. 


Safety Officers

Most boats returning to the States from Bermuda do so without incident, however, in some years, there are as many problems  - damage, injury, etc. – encountered by boats returning as on the race down. This need not be.

Issues: Typically the delivery back has fewer, and less-experienced crew. They may not have been trained as well as the race crew. The skipper may be tired after the race down, with little chance to catch up while on Bermuda.  The boat may have been well-prepared before the race, but now it is worn, due to being raced hard for over 635 miles, and stores and supplies may have been consumed.  And, of course the stretch of ocean to be crossed is still the ornery North Atlantic with the Gulf Stream and its effects – a combination that can cause real issues.

Thousands have may the trip back safely, but there are a few tricks and aids to do so.  Importantly, the delivery back is not a race, so your mental approach needs to change to the more measured pace of a delivery. 

Crew and Boat Preparation before leaving Bermuda:

Delivery -- Mentality & Execution:

Articles you may want to share with your crew, even if they do have extensive offshore experience:

You and your crew may also want to peruse other Safety-at-Sea articles on the CCA’s website