CCA members create "Safety Moments" as short presentations on a safety topic. Usually covering only a single subject, the items are intended to take up just a few minutes -- perhaps between dessert and coffee -- and inform the recipients about an important safety matter.

Presented below are a number of Safety Moments which may be presented by others, either directly or with some modification

These items are coordinated by Ron Trossbach. You may reach him at

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AIS Updates and Thoughts - 2017

After two major collisions with substantial loss of American lives between US Navy destroyers and merchant ships, many of us went to websites that provide histories of the movements of the ships in the area up to the minute of the collision. Using the AIS transponders that are on all of the commercial vessels, and some of the recreational vessels, you can clearly see the paths of the vessels heading in and out of some of the most constrained and confusing waterways in the world.  

Safety at Sea, Safety Gear, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 09/27/2017

Just When You Committed the VHF Channels to Memory

Just When You Committed the VHF Channels to Memory

Safety Moment, Cruising Club of America, SF Station, March 2017

Chuck Hawley

Communications, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 02/24/2017

Lessons from a WInter Delivery - Weather Resources

Chuck describes his planning and execution of a Winter delivery. Reference to a range of useful tools and apps.

Safety Moments, Weather Charles G. Hawley 02/15/2017

Crew Overboard Recovery while Chartering

Frequently we move some of our safety thinking to the back when on a charter vacation. But squalls happen, so here are some thoughts about COB recovery.

Safety Moments Richard W. York 12/26/2016

Sources of Weather Information for Safer Sailing

John shares some thinking about sailing weather and identifies a range of useful sources.

Safety Moments, Weather John R. Jourdane 10/20/2016

Visual Distress Signals Need Not Be Flares

Which distress signaling devices to carry is determined by local government and race authorities’ requirements, in what waters the vessel plans to sail, cost and personal choice.

Safety Moments Ronald C. Trossbach 08/31/2016

Retiring Safety Gear from the List

US and global safety rulemakers are revising the list. Turning back the tide of mission creep.

Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 04/27/2016

Blind Reliance on Instruments

Chuck describes narrowly avoiding disaster. Trusting electronics to navigate him around the Farallones while he slept almost cost him his boat, or worse.

Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 04/23/2016

Safety Moment - Fire!

A fire aboard a vessel is very scary.  With an uncontrolled blaze, there is nowhere to go except into the water or a life raft. A boat fire spreads very rapidly.  You must attack it immediately and effectively; otherwise you will deplete your extinguishing resources before you put it out.

Fire, Safety Moments John R. Jourdane 04/18/2016

Cost Effective Safety Gear for Sailors

No one wants to spend money foolishly, and no one wants to be subjected to unnecessary risks. How do you figure out how to spend your safety dollars efficiently to minimize the risks associated with going to sea in sailboats? Risk analysis generally boils down to the likelihood of something bad happening, the cost incurred when it does happen, and the expense of avoiding the problem in the first place.

Safety at Sea, Personal Welfare, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 04/06/2016

Safety Moment: New Year's Resolutions

Chuck offers a handful of resolutions for a much safer year on the water.

Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 01/03/2016

EPIRB – an Essential Safety Item

When an emergency situation is encountered, a communication strategy to get help must be initiated immediately.  When near shore or other boats, a properly registered VHF/DSC that is connected to the GPS should be used.  The boats nearby will hear your call and the nature of distress and can be the quickest to arrive to give assistance. 

Safety at Sea, Safety Gear, Safety Moments Anne D. Glenn 10/24/2015

Flooding and Damage Control

A well-equipped and centrally located Damage Control Kit, as well as a damage control plan, are important to a safe voyage.  This is particularly true in the PNW region where the very significant logging industry as well as natural river discharges of the PNW, British Columbia, and SE Alaska results in a great number of errant logs in these waterways.

Safety at Sea, Repairs, Safety Moments Mark A. Roye 10/24/2015

Crew Overboard Insights

A review of learnings from "overboard" experts and participants.

Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 10/06/2015

Safety Moment: Incident Themes

A review of common themes among emergency incidents.

Reports, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 10/06/2015

Lifejacket Changes Ahead

New designs and designations for life jackets. We don't even call them PFDs anymore.

Reports, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 06/06/2015

Anchor Testing in the Chesapeake Bay

Anchor tests in the muddy-bottomed Chesapeake. There can be great variations.

Reports, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 03/06/2015

Safety Moment: Vestas Grounds on a Shoal

A well-built, well-equipped, and professionally-crewed boat hits a clearly-marked shoal. One must ask why.

Reports, Safety Moments Charles G. Hawley 03/06/2015

Special Equipment Requirements - A New Asset

The Special Equipment Requirements promulgated by US Sailing in 2014 are not only key for racers, but provide a great list of equipment you need to consider when fitting out your cruising boat.

Safety at Sea, Safety Moments 03/05/2015

Harnesses and Tethers for Sailboats

Making sense of all those offerings.

General Safety, Safety Moments, Safety at Sea 11/30/2013

Sailboat Mast Safety

In your harbor or offshore, be safe going up the mast

Rigging, Safety Moments, Safety at Sea 11/01/2012

List of Improvements for Short-handed Boats

If your cruising boat has these improvements, then sailing with just one or two more will be safer.

Short-Handed, Safety Moments, Safety at Sea 11/01/2012

Skills List for Short-handed Crew

If both crew can perform these boat functions, your safety level will increase.

Short-Handed, Safety Moments, Incident Report, Safety at Sea 11/01/2012

Safe Dinghy Checklist

Before you dinghy ashore again, read this and learn.

General Safety, Safety Moments 11/01/2012

A Caution when Fitting Safety Harnesses

To be safe, all harnesses, whether integral with a PFD or not, should fit properly.

This may be an issue if you are smaller than average, as noted below.

Safety at Sea, Overboard, Safety Moments 11/01/2012

Lifejacket Recommendations for Sailboats

Overboard, Safety Moments 11/01/2012