The founding principles of the Cruising Club of America set the stage for the pursuit of good seamanship. Throughout the Club's history and continuing in the present, CCA members have worked diligently to contribute to the body of knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques that are vital to good seamanship and safety at sea.

Safety At Sea

CCA members are heavily involved in many aspects of the development and testing of safety equipment and techniques. Follow this link for Safety at Sea and Suddenly Alone seminars, the Crew Overboard Recovery Symposium, equipment information and other safety news.

Offshore Communications and Electronics

Extensive information about offshore communications, electronics, emergency procedures and Voice Over IP, and other important communications information compiled and updated by Walter Paul.

Fleet Surgeon

Proper preparation can, quite literally, be lifesaving in the case of a medical emergency at sea. To help yachts prepare for offshore passages, the CCA's Fleet Surgeon has prepared a Fleet Surgeon's Memorandum and suggestions for effective use of preventers and harnesses. See the Fleet Surgeon's page for this and other important medical and safety information.

EnvironmentEnvironment of the Sea
The Cruising Club of America encourages responsible conduct at all times with regard to pollution of the environment, wherever we live and wherever we sail, and to influence others to follow our example
The CCA & the Offshore Racing Association

The CCA is one of three major US yacht clubs to collaborate on the development of a new VPP racing Rule. This is a natural and vital extension of the Club's long involvement in rule development, originating with the famous CCA rule and continuing with the IMS/MHS rules.